Banish the crick in your neck when you read, relax, watch tv, drive, or converse

Manufactured in USAOf course they make an excellent gift! And unconditionally guaranteed for one year.

Bone™ pillows are being rebranded as Body Prop™ pillows. We will continue to call them Bone pillows until current inventory is sold out, projected for early 2014. The new names:

  • Headbone is being renamed to CLASSIC Body Prop
  • Backbone is being renamed to LONG Body Prop

Headbone® fills the void of space behind your neck, so your head and neck are supported. When your head and neck are supported, you’re less likely to get a crick, or pain, in the neck.

Backbone™ fills the void of space behind your lower back, or lumbar region, which helps you maintain the natural curve of your spine and helps maintain a healthy posture.

Bone™ pillows offer FIRM support. They are not squishy and cushiony.

How to use a Bone™ (Body Prop™) Pillow:

Drape a Bone™ pillow over your seat to support your head or neck. Adjust on-the-fly for position, depth, and firmness. Stays in place. Can also work for lumbar support on low-back seats, plus many other creative solutions.

Awesome because:


  • Stays in place on your seat. 
  • Adjustable for position: Drape your Bone™ pillow over your seat and position it where you need support.
  • Adjustable for size: Transfer the loose filler inside to fine-tune your comfort on-the-fly, any time.
  • Set it and forget it: the non-slip backing ensures it stays in place.

Support your head, neck, back, or any body part: Headbone® for head and neck support in a Dodge Caravan seat

  1. Headbone® is NOT worn on the shoulders like other neck pillows. Instead, drape it over your seat back and position it where you need support.
  2. Can be customized instantly. The “neck” of the pillow is hollow, so simply shake the loose filler through the neck to transfer the filler and make your support FULL (firm) or FLAT (soft). The all-natural buckwheat hull filler contours to your body and does not get hot, like other fillers.
  3. Doesn’t slide away. The Bone™ pillow stays put because its underside is made of non-slip material; also, the bone shape creates a counterweight effect. There are no straps or fixatives.

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