Adjustable support pillow for any recliner, chair, or seat

Body Prop support pillow for recliner

Important: formerly known as Bone™ pillows. Learn the detailed differences between Bone™ and Body Prop™ pillows here.

Neck support in a dodge caravan seat

New Body Props are in stock. We have:

  • Black – in both lengths
  • Brown – in Classic length only (Long Brown is sold out and restocks around 9/2015)
  • Sand – in both lengths

Order here or learn more below.

Support any body part with this multi-use support pillow that is super-adjustable and easy to use. So you can have custom comfort anywhere.

  • Drape a Body Prop pillow over your seat to support your head, neck, or back.
  • Adjust on-the-fly for position, depth, and firmness.
  • Use the bulbous end for firm support, like the nape of your neck
  • Use the concave end to softly cushion and cradle  your head, neck, or back.
  • Stays in place, so it won’t slide away when you move.

Choose from two lengths — Classic or Long, to create custom neck or lumbar support on any seat. Also use creatively to prop other body parts, like elbows, arms, legs, feet, or even objects.

Backbone/Long Body Prop

Note about the names and images: Bone pillows were redesigned and renamed Body Prop pillows, in sizes “Classic” (26″) and “Long” (38″).

Many images shown throughout this site depict the Bone pillows, but the concept is the same with the new Body Prop pillows (except for the pillow shapes), and the lengths correspond as follows:

Backbone is the same length as Body Prop Long; Headbone is the same length as Body Prop Classic. Thanks for your patience while we update photos with the new product.

Awesome because:


  • Stays in place on your seat. 
  • Adjustable for position: Drape your Body Prop pillow over your seat and position it where you need support.
  • Adjustable for size: Transfer the loose filler inside to fine-tune your comfort on-the-fly, any time.
  • Set it and forget it: the non-slip backing ensures it stays in place.

Manufactured in USA

Support your head, neck, back, or any body part:

Sand Headbone demo

Headbone shown. Body Prop is shown above.

  1. Body Prop pillows are NOT worn on the shoulders like other neck pillows. Instead, drape it over your seat back and position it where you need support.
  2. Can be customized instantly. The “neck” of the pillow is hollow, so simply shake the loose filler through the neck to transfer the filler and make your support FULL (firm) or FLAT (soft). The all-natural buckwheat hull filler contours to your body and does not get hot, like other fillers.
  3. Doesn’t slide away. Body Prop stays put because its underside is made of non-slip material; also, the shape creates a counterweight effect. There are no straps or fixatives.

Of course they make an excellent gift! And unconditionally guaranteed for one year. So remember Body Prop when it’s time to send a gift to anyone who sits.  
We still have some of the slightly irregular Body Props (from the December production) available for 30% off. Of those we have most styles available for purchase here on this page for discounted irregulars. Or if you have questions or want to be notified when additional product will be released, also please reach us through our contact page here for a prompt reply. Thank you.

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